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HotShots Coffee & Tea is located at A2-UG1-07 Solaris Dutamas and we are open from Mondays thru Thursdays from 9am to 5pm.

Our popular caffeinated beverages include Latte, Piccolo Latte, Red Eye, Cappuccino, Flat White, Double Espresso, Single Mac, Iced Americano and Iced Latte. For those who want Decaf, we have it too!

Our bestsellers are the Caramel Affogato, Belgian Waffles, Fluffy Raisin Scone, Rush Hour Sandwich, our Seriously Rich Hot Chocolate with chocolate marshmallows and the Swiss & Belgian Chocolate Brownies (the best brownies you will ever have).

"HotShots is driven my the maxim In Caffeine We Trust. Treat yourself to a shot and watch your casual craving for caffeine turn to lust for the finest coffee" by SK.

"THE place to go to for your caffeine fix! Serves the best Caramel Affogato in town and I am in love with their delicious Belgian Waffles." by Jade Hwang.
"The name itself is an attraction. The first time I walked in, I said to myself what a comfortable place to just enjoy my kinda cuppa with choices of sinfully joyous bites shares with good company. True to the name, with personalised service and recommendation it brings us to a level of the richly high. My escape to the cape. HotShots indeed." by Ben G.

  Here's what our regulars say about their experience at HotShots!

"Loving the coffee HotShots Coffee & Tea. It's a perfect start of my day." by Cindy Lim.

"This is one of the best coffee joints around in KL. Drink the coffee (or tea!) and nibble on the Belgian waffles (my fave!) or the equally scrumptious Belgian chocolate brownies. And listen to Nat King Cole or Marvin Gale softly crooning in the background. Bliss." by May Hwang.

"I come to HotShots for a quick escape from the world. It's a special place where you can enjoy the best coffee in KL. The scones are just out of this world. Their salted caramel ice-cream makes Haagen-Dazs taste like Cornetto here. Do come to Hotshots with your best friends or pals only. We don't want this place to get too crowded now (just kidding)." by Nizam Mokhtar.
  "When they coin the phrase 'wake up and smell the coffee', they must have been referring to HotShots Coffee & Tea. Nothing beats walking into HotShots and the aroma of coffee hits you. The interior itself is a major plus point. Minimalist design and yet functional spaces accommodates people who want some privacy or those who come with groups of friends or colleagues. HotShots Coffee & Tea stands out from the rest!" by Syaf Selamatt.

"HotShots is not a word, it's a statement of taste and comfort. You are pampered not only by the most exquisite beans but people who know their stuff. The ambience they have created makes the coffee taste so much better. I recommend the place and the beans to any discerning coffee aficionado." by Azhar Jamal.
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